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I have always been slightly obsessed with being brown as naturally I'm very fair.  Being bronzed makes me feel confident and I always feel glamourous with a golden glow.  I want to share my experiences with you all  good and bad. Every week when I apply my tan I will be telling you all which tan I'm using, how I apply different types of tan and of course how it turnes out.  I hope my reviews will help as I have had my fair share of terrible self tans, only now at the age of 20 have I mastered application.

The last two weeks I have been using Soft Sun Self Tan from the brand new range...
Abi O from the House of BeauBronz 
This is a self tan range with a conscience

Abi O and BeauBronz are two ranges of tanning products created by Abigail Oleck, the very talented beauty TV presenter and natural products expert.  Being unhappy with the sunless tanning options on the market she wanted to create a range that contained natural and organic ingredients, only of the highest quality.  She was determined that her range would be alcohol and paraben free and of course never tested on animals.

It wasn't long before the whole range was available in spas and salons across the UK.  With BeauBronz now well know in the industry and loved by celebrities all over and becoming the official spray tanner for Dancing on Ice, Abi decided it was about time this was available to the public and so Abi O was born allowing everyone to have the perfect sunless tan. There is something for every skin type, skin colour and age.
To achieve the perfect sunless tan at home I have a pre tanning routine regardless of which brand I use:
     Shave, Wax or epilate 24 hours prior to application
    On the day of application use exfoliation gloves in the shower
    I also use body polish in the shower for added exfoliation
    Moisturise concentrating on dry areas, such as knees, elbows, ankles and neck.
I always apply my self tan before I go to bed not very any reason than I like waking up in the morning and being golden, I shower soon after waking so I can remove the excess.  I tan using two techniques when trying out a new self tan to find out which works best, these are using a mitt and using latex gloves.  I found that using a glove worked best with Abi O.  I think this is because it is such a luxurious cream and just glides onto your skin and feels although it is moisturising as well as tanning.  You could use your bare hands just make sure you wash them thoroughly afterwords to avoid the false tan nightmare of tanned palms 

I begin tanning from my feet and work my way to my neck ensuring I don't miss a spot.  When using Abi O I did apply directly to my face and got fantastic results but would normally mix the tanning cream with equal parts moisturiser to make sure my face is lighter and build the colour using bronzing powder when applying my make up. 


There is no immediate colour with this tan it just absorbs into the skin clear, so do be careful to make sure you do not miss any part as there will be no colour to guide you.

Here are my results
    This tan is fabulous,the beautiful scent of old English roses is so refreshing from the usual burnt biscuit smell of other false tan. It has lasted a full 7 days with no need to reapply in between.  To help my colour last I avoid super hot baths or showers just using warm water.  Moisturising daily.  Not using exfoliating gloves or any exfoliating products until I wish to remove the tan.
    The whole range includes:
    Creamy Exfoliating scrub
    Super Soft Daily Body Wash
    Soft Sun Self Tan(Soft Tanning Cream)
    Bronzed Goddess(Dark Tanning Mousse)
    Shimmer Tan Boost
    Gradual Tanner

    I will be trying out the Shimmer Tan Boost very soon so look out for that review as I'm sure it will be excellent.

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