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Ohhh girls I am so excited to be writting this post.  Ever since it was announced Alexandra Burke was designing a lip collection for Make Up Academy Cosmetics I couldnt wait to try it, as she has lovely lushious lips I knew it would be all about volume and colour.

I bought the Lip Boom in shade 'cheeky' because its a lovely pastel pink, my favourite colour and really trendy at the moment.

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The idea with Lip Boom is that you get 4 looks all from one product.

You an use the lip stick on
its own for a matte look.

Lip stick with the gloss applied
only to the centre of the lips to
give massive volume illlusion.

Lip stick with the gloss all over
for a really high shine look
(my personal favourite )

 Last but not least a 
 look with just the gloss
for a  natural look x

Buy yours now for only £3.00!!

When wearing the lipstick alone it feels super smooth  and lasted on my lips for nearly 6 hours which is fantastic for the price.  When I applied the gloss over the lipstick I could feel the sparkles which felt like very small beads, these do vanish after about 15 minutes,  it lasted under 3 hours, so you would have to reapply the gloss. Also it is more sparkly than glossy I normally just use a clear gloss so a change for me.

Overall quite impressed with this product from MUA, I will be purchasing the different colours so look out for future posts.

Let me know what you think of Lip Boom girls and which shade is your favourite?

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