Fashion - Cinderella is Proof That a Pair of Heels Can Change Your Life

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 I had been stalking the twitter page of @SparkleAway_ for a few weeks, amazed at the shoes she was uploading pictures off.  I couldn't believe i could own these shoes, so when she announced that i could have the ones i wanted for £40 p+p included i was straight onto the website which was very user friendly and easy to use, on the home page this quote caught my eye:

"Customised by hand can only mean one can make it unique to yourself. So feel fab in knowing you are wearing a customised piece of your own"

I liked the fact that these shoes were going to be unique to me, made me feel very special. During and after placing my order i was overcome by how helpful Roxanne was being she was amazing, customer service at its best. The shoes only took 4 weeks to be Crystallised by hand and posted to myself, which is amazing with the quality of this heel, and how busy this lady was with the launch of Piamichi, as she designed the shoes for the models. During the 4 weeks i was kept informed of every stage and how long they would be, again excellent customer service!

The day came when i expected them to arrive and i was waiting for the postman for what seemed like hours! But they came exactly when i was told they would. the only thing i didn't expect was how sparkly they were!!!

The crystals on the shoes are so secure, these babies ain't gonna come off even if your dancing the night away every weekend but just incase my heels came with a bag of crystals and extra heel toppers(if that's what you call them).  Just a little extra I didn't expect and exceeded my already high views of this business.

I could wait to wear them so the shoes got their first outing that day, and i was only going to town for lunch, and what an eventful day 5 girls stopped me in the street and asked where i had got my shoes.  I was eager to tell them because "every girl deserves to sparkle"

Thank you so much they are beautiful <3

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