Beauty - Denman D3 Medium 7 Row Styling Brush Review

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For years I have just used any brush that came to hand, never had any specific brush for blowdrying or styling I just used the same one for everything, I thought this was okay until I tryed a Denman.

I had seen the brand on twitter @denmanbrush and never thought anything more off it but on my recent shopping trip I popped into my local Boots Store and was browsing when I came across the large range of Denman Brushes.  There was one for everyone large, small,classic shape and paddle.

 The one that caught my eye was the Denman D3 Medium 7 Row styling brush described on the website  as The most famous hairbrush in the world! I liked the look of it more than anything The black shiny handle  and  the Denman branding looked professional so at a bargain of £6.99 it was purchased without a second thought.

Denman Hairbrush, Antistatic Hairbrush, Hairbrush for long hair

It wasn't until I got home and tryed out my denman that i realised how amazing these brushes really were, on first touch to my hair it just oosed quality and as it glided through my thick blonde locks I couldn't believe Id waited until now to try them, how have i possibly managed without this in my life. I was completely converted Denman addict within the first 30 seconds The anti-static rubber pad provided me with grip and control, very handy and helpful during blow-drying.

Denman Hairbrush, Antistatic Hairbrush, Hairbrush for long hairDenman Hairbrush, Antistatic Hairbrush, Hairbrush for long hairThis is an essential for all girls that want to care for their precious hair.
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I had to check out the website and see what other products were available and couldnt believe my eyes!! A scented brush!! Yes you read correctly a Hair Brush that smelled of fruity scents!  There is a whole 'tutti frutti' range including strawberry shortcake, green apple, orange tango, lemon sherbert, wild dewberry and my favouite coconut. All of these come on a white plastic handle with appropriate graphics and colour co-ordinated rubber pad but the coconut also comes in a wooden handle which I love! It looks like it belongs in my holiday handbag and im sure smells like it too.  This will definately be my next purchase from the denman  range. Check this new range for yourself here.

So last of all a huge thank you to Denman Brush for allowing me to bring my hair that wee bit of luxury everytime I use mine. 

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