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Just a few months ago I had no Idea about the jewellery I am now obsessed with, this Jewellery is Jinkksy! It was first brought to my attention by the amazing Amy Childs  and on first sighting I fell in love. 

First I checked out the Website  and seen very quickly the amazing collection was spectacular,with ranges for Men, Woman and chldren and already a big  favourite with celebrities including the cast of my favourite TV show The Only way is Essex and my favourite boyband One Direction and lots lots more.

I then seen there was a twitter page for this jewellery @jinkksy so I had to join up, this was the best thing I ever could have done.  Debbie is forever giving all of her dedicated twitter followers, all 27000 of them, special discounts and exclusives on the range, and off course the amazing competitions! These competitions were nothing like Id seen before with worldwide trending on a regular basis.  Even though my chances were slim I decided to try my Luck, and after 130 tweets or more on Saturday the 14th January I Won!! Thank you soo soo much Debbie for kick starting my collection.  Me out of 27,000 people i was overwhelmed with my Pink Candy Bracelet (retails at £75), this is where my collection began.

Jinkksy Jewellery, Amy Childs JewelleryThis beautiful piece came in a black presentation box with JINKKSY printed in silver, and the bracelet is kept safe in a little velvet drawstring pouch making the package very luxurious:) This picture does not do the justice it deserves whatsoever it so sparkly.  With the little tag saying jinkksy everyone is sure to know you have high quality wrapped around your wrist.
So after reading daily tweets from Debbie Georgiou the amazing creator of these sparkling treats I realised that stacking these bracelets was bang on trend so I purchased another, this time I went for the Full Crystal Bonita Silver, from the junior section of the website as my wrists are tiny and I wanted something to complement my Sweet Like Candy Pink so with the beads slightly smaller its exactly what I wanted and at the fantastic price of £24.95 including P+P how could I resist.

Once again it came in the drawstring pouch and black presentation box branded JINKKSY, reminding me how amazing this jewellery is.  I just couldn't wait to stack it! Glad I did because how fab does this look! Sparkling in the sun!
Wearing these helped me jazz up any outfit and after all the compliments I was recieving it just made me want more, this time I wanted to make my ears sparkle so when i seen the special offer on the offical twitter page @jinkksy, for Crystal Ball stud earrings at only £10 they were a must and after months of wearing them they are still as fabulous as ever! You can get these online.

Apart from being a very successful business woman, Debbie regularly donates to charity one of the charities she has helped with raising awareness is Cystic Fibrosis and often gets the topic trending.  I recently got my hands on The Bonita Grand after a very dedicated fundraiser of Cystic purchased this with her own money to help raise awareness her name is Lorraine Barnes. Lorraine held a competiton to win this via her twitter page @CysticFibrosisM, as her sons live with the condition every single day. I was second time lucky to win this amazing competiton and was honoured to know it was for such a worthwhile cause. So again a massive Thank you to Debbie and Lorraine.

The sparkle beads are bigger than the ones Iv had before and its something I would wear more on a night out of course stacked with my Full Crystal Bonita junior.  It is also heavier(screams out quality) but still super comfortable to wear :)

My boyfriend was realising how much I loved these and he wanted in on the action so he has recently had his first Mens Single, and he loves it, he wears it every time we go out and with only one sparkle bead it definately looks more masculine and can be worn day or night.  He is not usually one for jewellery so I was delighted he is now joined me in Rocking our Jinkksy's.  

So that is all the jinkksy in my household at the moment but my next purchase will definately be the   Disco Ball Earrings in Silver to wear for an upcoming night out, they are gorgeous and have been pictured on many celebs including Jessica Wright star of the The Only Way is Essex and Nicola Mclean TV personality.

Be sure to check the Website for lots of new collections including Diva, Britannia 2012 created to celebrate the Olympics and Jubilee and the new look Bonitas

This summer two must have pieces are definately the Summer Stackers in all the pastel colours bang on trend! Also Anklets to make your feet sparkle in the sun:)

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