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These are the BEST invention if you are like me and are not very patient with applying Nail Varnish.
I was sent some goodies from Elegant Touch after I was lucky enough to win a competition via the official twitter page @ElegantTouchUK and I just cant wait to share my experience with you all.

I was sent a selection of Nail Wraps which I was delighted with so thank you very much. the fantastic thing about these is they can  be used on fingers and toes and as I have my nails done at the salon I decided to experiement with my toes, with the summer coming toes deserve to look pampered.

Elegant Touch, Elegant Touch Nail Wraps, What are Nail Wraps
As you can see from this I ccouldn't wait to use them before I took a picture.
Since  I recieved my lush prize I have done 2 designs on my toes and couldnt believe how easy they were to apply.

Elegant Touch, Elegant Touch Nail Wraps, What are Nail Wraps, Barry M Nail Paint, Mint Green Nail Polish
For both designs I started off with a Barry M
mint green base colour this is great for spring and
is very on trend with pastels everywhere at the moment,
 I got this one from Superdrug for £2.99, I applied two coats
 of this to my Nails and left for a short time to dry naturally.

Elegant Touch, Elegant Touch Nail Wraps, What are Nail Wraps, Barry M Nail Paint, Mint Green Nail Polish

For this design the nail wraps were already cut into different shapes making them extremely easy to apply, the come on a plastic sheet, just remove from this and apply to the desired area of your nail, no glue required.  Should the wrap be too large for your  nail just cut down with scissors before application to roughly the same size as your nail.Once applied to the nail they can be filed down to fit perfectly.  Once the nail wrap was where I wanted it I finished with a top coat of clear Barry M nail paint, also bought from superdrug for £2.99. There is a smooth finish and to touch you wouldn't guess it was a wrap.  I removed these after two weeks to try out a new design but they would have definately lasted much longer.

For this next design I did have to cut down the nail wraps with scissors before application to f t my nails. Once applied I filed lightly to ensure there was no flapping edges which would cause them to lift.  Once again I used a Top Coat of Clear Nail Paint.  These Nail wraps are 3D so therefor have a bumpy texture when applied, I found this fantastic and something really different. I applied these 2 weeks ago and they are still going strong and look gorgeous.

Let me know what you think i will reply to any comments:) Make sure you check out the full range of Elegant Touch products on the website including False Nails, French Manicure Kits, Home Salon, Implements, Nail Treatments, Nail Art, Polish Removers and Adhesives.

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