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It's been a while hasn't it, I hope you don't mind for the lack of normal posting in the last couple of weeks but you know when life just takes over, that. If you read this post you will already know I am spending my first month back in England with Charl from Ginger Girl Says and so far it's been really good, I am just so glad to be back in England!  It took me a couple of weeks just to adapt to British life again after being in Morocco for such a long time but I'm getting back into the swing of things now and have had lots to do keeping me busy, so I thought I would give you a bit of an update on all the exciting things I have been doing.

Since I got back Charl has been kind enough to invite me onto her radio show Ginger Girl Says on 6 Towns Radio.  It has been such a cool way to spend our Wednesday nights and is really just an extension of conversations we have between ourselves everything from Celebrity Gossip to our personal dating stories.  You can join us on Wednesday nights from 9-11pm here.

At the start of this week I spent what felt like two full days in Selfridges Birmingham, not that I am complaining, it was a pleasure especially with the brand new beauty hall.  It was my first visit since the re design and I was honestly gobsmacked, it is everything a beauty lover could wish for and more!  The surprise of lots of new brands was great, especially  Urban Decay and Charlotte Tilbury.  There is also now a Beauty Personal Shopping Service available with the lovely Rose, meaning your entire Selfridges Beauty Experience can be tailored to your needs.  I was lucky enough to meet Rose at an event in London just over a year ago and have to say she was absolutely made for this position, she is such a great addition to the Selfridges Beauty Department.  You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with all the beauty goings on.

Last Monday I spent the afternoon with Urban Decay.  Learning  more about their new launches and was lucky enough to have my make up done by their National Make Up Artist Karen, she is literally a magician with a make up brush!  It was really good to have a closer look at the products that had launched recently as well as the much talked about Naked 3 Palette which launched when I was away.  This little visit also made me completely rethink my foundation routine for summer, so there will be more about that very soon.

Tuesday last week was a truly great day.  I was invited by Dermalogica to take part in their debate as part of Selfridges Beauty Project to discuss the topic, Does The Stereotypical Notion of Beauty Really Empower Women?  We had two sessions throughout the day and I was delighted to be in the company of such inspiring ladies, it was really fantastic to see how beauty can empower women in so many different walks of life.  Doing things like this can really help to change the way people think about careers in beauty and to remove the stigma of it being a less academically challenging profession.  I would really love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below.

Something else really exciting happened on Tuesday, I met a guy who convinced me to let him take me for a coffee that same night, we went for coffee, walked around my favourite area of Birmingham and will be seeing each other again next week.  The day after we met the most beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived on my doorstep, the most romantic thing anyone has done for me in a long time.  Lets be honest girls flowers are always a welcomed surprise, I will keep you all updated on this situation.

Since arriving back from Morocco I have been shopping so much, I'm going to try and put together some kind of clothing haul as that is what I have bought the most of, having shops on my doorstep again has been far too tempting.  In the last little while I have also  received some really lovely items to feature here on the blog from Skincare, Body Care, Clothing, Accessories and Pizza!  I have so many exciting features planned and genuinely cannot wait to bring you some new and exciting content.  Myself and Charl are going out today to take some outfit pictures including some pieces we have picked up recently so look out for those in the coming week.

I hope you enjoyed this little update, if you like this kind of thing keep an eye on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where I share little bits of my days, seven days a week! 

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