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When my friend Sian visited me in Morocco my Mum kindly organised for us to go for a full body massage using 100% Moroccan Argan oil, after a full day of convincing I agreed to go.  I wanted to share my experience so that people who have never experienced a massage of any type would know what to expect and hopefully not pass on the opportunity as many times as I did.

Previously the thought of having a full body massage quite frankly scared the crap out of me.  Why would I willingly have a stranger not just see, but touch all the areas of my body I spend my life trying to conceal in a decent outfit?  These were my exact thoughts until about three weeks ago, now I am annoyed at myself for being so body conscious all my life, I was missing out on the most relaxing experience of my life.

Before I get started on the treatment I had, there's a few things you should think about doing to prepare your body for your Full Body Massage, off course you don't have to do any of these but personally it made me feel a lot more comfortable.  Exfoliate your skin within an inch of your life, it will help the oils used during the treatment, sink into your skin with ease and give a smooth canvas for your masseuse.   Remove all body hair, even the bits you think nobody can see, they will.   I put myself in her shoes, would I want to massage prickly,dry and flakey skin, the answer to that is obvious.  Don't worry about washing your hair it will be full of oils by the end of your treatment and no make up is a must, facial massage and a full face of make up are not a welcome combination in my opinion.  I made sure I made all of these steps and felt much more accepting of the idea of my massage.

After being led up a staircase dotted with candles and the scent of tea tree and eucalyptus filling the air we entered the double room where our treatments would be given.  With soothing music playing quietly the room with only two beds and two chairs, we got undressed and into the robes provided and awaited the therapists,  sipping chamomile tea.  

The lady started by placing my feet in a large bowl of warm water infused with rose oil and rose petals and left the room for a while to allow me to relax and my feet to rest whilst absorbing the oils.  On her return she dried off my feet and massaged using a rose oil foot cream, this felt amazing and I became less tense almost immediately. I then got onto the massage bed, having opted for a two hour medium strength full body massage I was slightly nervous that it could be painful and that I would get restless, oh how wrong was I!

She started from my feet and worked her way up my body using a blend of vanilla, jasmine and caramel scented argan oil depending on which area of the body she was concentrating on.  Every single inch of my body was worked on but I felt the most relaxed when my lower legs and head were the focus, it's like I could feel my body becoming more relaxed and slightly limp.  The top of my back and shoulders were extremely tense so it did become a little uncomfortable when the therapist was  concentrating on this area but not in any way painful.  Throughout the whole massage my body was covered by a towel, which was only ever repositioned so the masseuse could work on a specific area, this was so reassuring and made me feel even more at ease.  After the massage was completed she left the room so I could out my clothes back on before heading to the shop downstairs.  The walk down the dimly lit stairs was done so in what i can only describe as a dream like state, I felt like I had been asleep for hours, I was so refreshed but ever so calm.

In the shop the sales assistant was really helpful in a very 'lush' kind of way, explaining each products uses and what would suit me the best.  It was really nice to be on the receiving end of great customer service as it's something I myself am very passionate about,  I only purchased a few things this time but will definitely be getting some of the caramel and vanilla Argan Oil before I return to the UK, it smells heavenly. 

If like me you have always put off the idea of having a full body massage due to body confidence I strongly urge you to put those concerns to bed.  The therapists do not care what shape and size you are, they see all sorts in those treatment rooms and in my experience are completely professional and understand that you may be nervous.  We all need to indulge in a little bit of pampering every now and then,  massage is definitely is one of life's luxuries.

How do you feel about Massage, an invasion of privacy or a pampering treat?

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