Beauty - One Direction Our Moment Fragrance Review

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One Direction, One Direction Our Moment Fragrance, One Direction Perfume, One Direction Our Moment Fragrance Review,

One Direction, One Direction Our Moment Fragrance, One Direction Perfume, One Direction Our Moment Fragrance Review,

One Direction, One Direction Our Moment Fragrance, One Direction Perfume, One Direction Our Moment Fragrance Review,

For those of you who know me or have been reading my little blog for a while, you will know I have a slight guilty pleasure, One Direction.  I don't know what it is but ever since those five boys were merged together I have been a fan, so you can only imagine my delight when last year they released their debut fragrance Our Moment.  When I seen the build up to this launch online I have to admit, I was slightly worried it would be a scent more suitable for their younger audience, thankfully it is not the cheap, sweet scent I was expecting.  Now that they have announced a follow up scent, That Moment, I thought a review of the original was well overdue.

The first thing you will notice about this perfume is the cute glass bottle, fit for a princess with the crown top. I do like this bottle and think the material filler on the top is a nice touch and the colour pink always goes down well,  but I do think overall it slightly cheapens the delightful scent inside.  It is typical of a celebrity fragrance as off course they are trying to appeal to the age group they are most popular with and take me back quite a few years and I would have adored this and collected all the bottles on my dresser, but fast forward to 2014 and I would prefer something more understated.

As I said above before the details of the fragrance were released I was slightly concerned I wouldn't like the scent and expected something less pleasing for my nostrils.  That was until we were all let in on the notes used to create the final fragrance.  I knew from the moment I heard that grapefruit, wild berries, patchouli and jasmine were amongst the blend of ingredients I would like it, but it was one ingredient in particular I got very excited about.  Frangipani has been a love of mine ever since I discovered the Elemis Frangipani Monoi Oil, now anything with this ingredient catches my interest immediately.
I love the fresh burst of fruitiness that fills the air when you spritz this perfume, it's not that artificial fruity scent though.  I feel that the mild floral mid notes soften the fruitiness without being heady and the creamy musk and white patchouli add a hint of sophistication.

I enjoy wearing this in the daytime apposed to in the evening, I just like something a little bit deeper for night time fragrances like Paco Rabanne Black XS  and this is refreshingly light.  Surprisingly to me this scent has proven to cross the generations in my family, I like it, my twelve year old cousin likes it and my mum likes it too, to do this is quite an achievement.  I have been wearing this layered on top of the body lotion to make it last on the skin longer as being a lower end perfume it doesn't quite have the staying power of something more high end.

One Direction's Our Moment is available at Fragrance Direct at only £17.99 per 30ml, this is the best price I have come accross at the moment.  The one pictured was part of a gift set I purchased in the Boxing Day sales and if I can remember correctly is was £18.99 for 50ml EDT and 150ml body lotion.

Whats your favourite celebrity fragrance?

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