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Beauty, Body Exfoliator, Buffy Body Butter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lush Buffy Body Butter Review, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics,

Beauty, Body Exfoliator, Buffy Body Butter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lush Buffy Body Butter Review, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics,

They say you don't realise what you've got until it's gone, this is definitely the case for me with Lush Buffy Body Butter.  I tried this for the first time after seeing Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady rave about it way back at the beginning of 2013,  I think it was even the first product I bought with my discount as an employee.  Since that moment I have been hooked, unfortunately the one in the photograph is my last one I have until I get back from Morocco, major sad face.

In case you don't know Buffy Body Butter is a solid moisturising exfoliator for use in the shower, allowing you to moisturise and exfoliate at the same time, killing two birds (sorry lushies bad choice of reference) with one stone if you are in a hurry.  Being solid it is great for travelling, especially if stored in one of the Lush Body Butter Tins.

This preservative free, solid bar works by exfoliating the dead skin cells away using ground almonds, ground rice and ground aduki beans.  This means even if you have sensitive skin you could use it without causing a reaction that sugar and salt scrubs may create.  My friend used this last week and she suffers with severe eczema but this actually improved her skin after one use not causing any problems at all.  The cocoa and shea butters mixed with lavender oil refuel your skin with the moisture it needs to keep soft and supple.  With these ingredients I find the smell very similar to the covetted Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion, using the two together is a real treat.

I love using this in the shower, making sure my body is warm and damp and stepping out of the water to massage all over,   paying special attention to my thighs and derriere.  As this is worked around the body the butters melt into your skin leaving it really soft and dewy.  After rinsing off I get out of the shower, it feels like you have applied a really heavy moisturiser but the oils sink deep into the skin really quickly.

Lush Buffy Body Butter would without a doubt be in my top 10 products of all time, I do love the other solid body butters in the shower range for different reasons.  You Snap The Whip is a good one for the summer mornings as the charcoal helps to soak up excess oil and sweating.  King of Skin is very similar to Buffy but less exfoliating and Aqua Mirabilis is again similar to Buffy but more exfoliating.  They cost between £5.50 - £10.95 for 75g-200g of product and I can normally get 5 uses from each small bar.  I think they are great value for money but to be honest if they were to go up in price I would still purchase, these are holy grail body products in my eyes.

What are your favourite body exfoliators?

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