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Okay, okay let me just pull myself together.  Nope its not gonna happen, words cannot contain my excitement this morning!  I'm not saying I'm some kind of super fan or part of the 'fandom' but I really like them, well not just them but their music more so.  It's clear I'm not the only one as excited because by 10am #TheVampsTour was trending worldwide

The Vamps Official Headline UK Tour 2014
Keep an eye out on their official website to buy tickets to the 14 shows.

At 9.00 Big Ben time The Vamps announced to over 600,000 followers via their official twitter page @thevampsband that they will be kick starting their UK Headline Tour on Saturday 23rd September 2014. One day before my birthday (this pleases me because I'm sentimental like that).  The announcement itself was brilliant, with a series of tweets indicating that they were splitting up only to spring this amazing news on the world!  Truthfully I have been expecting it for a while now and it has come at the perfect time.  This announcement comes within days of their last performance at The O2 London supporting Taylor Swift's Red Tour, so I'm sure they will have a whole new flock of fans saving up for these tickets.

@Thevampsband on Twitter

If you have been living under a rock for the past year or so and are unsure who The Vamps are, shame for you, they are a British Indie Pop boy band made up of four lads, Tristan Evans, Brad Simpson, Connor Ball and James McVey.  They found each other on You Tube over the last couple of years, it was obviously destiny because they just work together, like chocolate and orange.

Their journey in the music industry has been amazing so far starting by covering songs from famous artists such as Mcfly and Taylor Swift to touring with them!  It was actually due to one of their covers of Taylor Swift's song We are Never Getting Back Together , from that moment back in August 2012, I was hooked.


From covers of well known artists to releasing their own singles Can we Dance and Wild Heart they have built up a massive fan base with the main twitter fan page @TheVampsUpdates having over 21, 000 followers, which I'm sure will only grow rapidly in the coming weeks.

One thing that The Vamps have managed to do is, remain humble.  It is clear they are extremely thankful of every single fan and rightly so, they would be nowhere without each and every one of us. 

I'll leave you with my favourite cover they have done, their cover of Mcfly's Love is Easy featuring Carrie Fletcher, video is not my own source

To that person I told back in 2012 'This band is gonna be massive', told you so!

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