Beauty - Milkshake Hair Emergancy Kit (Conditioning Whipped Cream, Restructuring Milk Mask, Intensive Conditioning Shampoo) Review

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Milkshake Hair Products, Milkshake Restructuring Milk Mask, Milkshake Conditioning Whipped Cream, Milkshake Intensive Conditioning Shampoo

This emergancy kit from Milkshake is the best new discovery I have made in a while. I first seen it on the Sleep Rollers website and they highly reccomend using these products with your sleeprollers so I had to try them out.  I decided on this little emergancy kit as it included the 3 products I wanted to try but it smaller 50ml versions so if I didnt like them its not a waste.  Lucky for me I loved them all.

Milkshake Hair Products, Milkshake Restructuring Milk Mask, Milkshake Conditioning Whipped Cream, Milkshake Intensive Conditioning Shampoo

I have very dry hair, I blame it on all the blonde highlights mainly so the Intensive Conditioning Shampoo sounded right up my street.  As soon as I squeezed a tiny ammount from the 50ml bottle the smell was gorgeous it was like chocolate milkshake , it looked like caramel too, so it had my taste buds tingling aswell as my hair. Do be careful as this caramel looking liquid is very runny and you only need a tiny bit as it lathers up fabulously. The great thing is the smell really lasts in your hair so everytime you swish it (in a 'cos im worth it' fashion) the smell crawls up your nostrils-AMAZING! After using for only one wash I havent noticed a big difference in the condition of my hair with using the shampoo alone, but with using the amazing  Active Milk Mask along with it makes the whole experience wonderful!
Shampoo                              Milk Mask

  This Restructuring Milk Mask is perfect to transform your hair from dry damaged hair to soft detangled tresses. I applied onto my damp hair and left for the reccommended 5 minutes and it was completely tangle free, I could run my fingers through it with ease and again the smell was devine. I would use this as a conditioner every few days to completely nourish my hair. I would be worried it would weigh my hair downif I used it more often , as its such a luxurious thick creme.
This is my favourite product out of the three and will be definately ordering the full size product as soon as this little one runs out, after using it for the first time I knew I couldnt live without it!  The dispenser is exactly the same as squirty cream so again reminds me of food-always a winner.  The cream-a-like doesnt stop there it looks exactly like squirty cream using the common sense I do have I guess thats why its called Conditioning Whipped Cream.  The smell of this product is intense so sweet and yummy and because you apply this product when your hair is towel dried and just before you blow dry the smell lasts all day.  I use this every single time I wash my hair now, it just deeply conditions my locks without feeling heavy and doesnt leave any kind of build up. Its the perfect conditioning product, where have you been all my life whipped cream?? Even my other half Adam came out of the shower and asked for (in his words) that cream stuff that smells nice and looks yummy so his hair smelled nice, so a winner for the boys too.

I cant wait to purchase the Open Air Hairspray, Yogurt Mask and Volume Styling Solution another three products that look fabulous and have great results when using my Sleep In Rollers

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