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Lush's Make Up Range, Emotional Brilliance is something that I think is not raved about enough in the blogging community.  With little hype I was never really aware (or overly interested) in the range, until I attended a recent event at the Lush store in Redditch, this was held on the evening after my first shift at Lush so has been extremely helpful in learning for work also. With my new found knowledge and raised interest I want to share with you this quietly brilliant highly pigmented range with feeling behind it.

Lush Emotional Brilliance

Why is it different to other make up ranges?
Normally we would associate colours with what suits our eye colour, skin tone and hair colour, the clever lady behind this range has decided to do it differently and link colours with emotions and feelings, this is such a different approach and one I have never seen done by any brand before.  This is great as you can and normally end up with colours you wouldn't normally pick up and be spookily amused by the process of choosing your colours.

The Emotional Brilliance game!
This is what makes the Emotional Brilliance experience different than any other.  The thought behind it is that every colour on the Emotional Brilliance Wheel is named after an emotion and through your choices of colour you can determine you feelings or thoughts on that particular day, your Emotional Brilliance 'reading' can change daily depending on your feelings and the colours you choose, from experience this can be quite accurate.  

My reading
At the event in Redditch I was given my first Emotional Brilliance reading, Charlotte made this a very memorable and enjoyable experience.  I was stood before the Emotional Brilliance Wheel when Charlotte asked me to look away from the wheel for a few moments while it was spinning, once it has stopped spinning she asked me to pick the first three colours that jumped out to me, not my favourite colours or what I think would suit me but just the first three that caught my eye.  The order in which you pick the colours is important so as I picked them she placed them in the center of the wheel in that order
I picked my three colours, two of which I would never have picked up because I liked the shade and awaited my reading.  
Lush Emotional Brilliance, Healthy, Vibrance, Passionate

The first Colour I Chose was Healthy which represents my strength this was explained to me that everybody notices my  greatest strength – ‘HEALTH.  At first I was not able to relate as I do not live a very healthy lifestyle, I eat the wrong foods and only do about 1 hour of walking daily but this can mean many things and only you will know which one applies to you. Then Charlotte asked are you HEALTHY in mind, body or spirit? It might be all three or just one or two. HEALTHY minds allow ambitions and relationships to flourish. This is when I was able to relate to this emotion, I have a very HEALTHY appetite   for life and making the most out of each and every day.  This is a product more commonly used  for the eye either as an eyeliner or a shadow.  This vivid green reminds me of well mowed lawns, that always make a garden look HEALTHY.  This is a really amazing creamy formula and glides on the skin. For bolder looks it can be used as a liner but can just as easily be blended out to create a softer look.  

The next colour Vibrance this shows my subconscious feelings, so that little voice at the back of your mind that is constantly telling you something.  VIBRANCY is described as to be full of life, be enthusiastic about life and any projects or situations you may be in.  I do feel that I am full of life and enthusiastic about things I enjoy doing but my subconscious could be telling me that I need to try harder to show my inner VIBRANCY  in situations where interest lacks.  This shimmery orange is one of the many lip colours in the range although I personally would not use this alone, I have been experimenting and this looks amazing mixed with a little bit of lip balm just to create an all over soft shimmer or mixed with my favourite red from the range Decisive just making a simple red more interesting.

The final colour I picked was Passionate which is my aspiration or talent and the quality that my friends and family or anyone who knows me would use to describe me.  This is when the power of Emotional Brilliance really captured me, this was so accurate.  I was at an event because of my blog which is one of the things I am extremely PASSIONATE about and as the event was for Lush this is also something I am very passionate about as I now work for the fantastic company in my dream position.  I love this colour so much, it is one of the colours from the range that caught my eye straight away, as you all know I adore Mac's Candy Yum Yum and was looking for a glossy alternative, well I have found it!  This is such a 'Gemma' colour.  I am now the proud owner of this shade so look out for a review very soon.

Lush Emotional Brilliance with Karla Powell, Celebrity and international Make Up artist
L-R Waiting for the wheel to stop, Amy from PYT and myself, Karla Powell and myself, choosing my colours

I was super impressed with my reading as I found it scarily accurate but so interesting.  After my reading I had the opportunity to have a chat with the lovely Karla Powell, International Make Up Artist who was at the event demonstrating the different products from Emotional Brilliance.  Karla loves the range and has used it on previous shoots.  This pleasant lady had all the time in the world to talk to everyone and even shared some top secret tips, so thanks Karla for taking the time to share your knowledge with us all.

The most amazing thing about Emotional Brilliance is although they have been targeted towards specific areas of the face, the can be used anywhere on the face and body and hair, making them a favourite with make up artists.  These three shades all contain a high content on Jojoba Oil which you can read a full description and detailed benefits of here but in short it is an extremely moisturising ingredient and protects the skin from the many different weather changes we experience.  

If you haven't had an Emotional Brilliance reading yet it would be definitely worth while making a trip to your local Lush store. Have a play around with all the shades as there are some beautiful colours waiting to be experimented with.  If you are local to Birmingham, I know for certain myself and all the stuff at Lush Birmingham will be more than delighted to give you your very own Emotional Brilliance reading.
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Lots of Love


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