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My second trip to London was for a very exciting reason, I attended the London Blogger Meet and Evening She Said Beauty blogger hang out.  It was such an enjoyable day and I loved meeting so many ladies I have been chatting to on twitter for a long time and the amazing brands that were there.

After arriving in London we made our way to Meat Liquor for some lunch, now when I say lunch this was no normal lunch.  This was the best burger I have EVER tasted in all my life and the onion rings were just amazing, so big and crunchy and yummy!  Thank you to Charlotte from Lil Miss Chickas for the picture of the untouched burger, I was so excited I forgot to photograph before I touched it but we had the same.

Meat Liquor London Burger

After the finest burger to ever pass my lips we made our way to the meet up which was kick started with a trip to Selfridges.  I have been to Selfridges in Birmingham many times but the one in London is so impressive.  I visited Nars to check out the liquid liner pens and one of the counter assistants gave me a perfect eye flick.  I was walking around for a good 45 minutes looking at all the brands available and really enjoyed looking at the brands we don't have here in Birmingham.

We then jumped in our taxi's to make our way to She Said Beauty HQ, this was fabulous as it gave me the chance to see a little bit more of London, I really enjoyed the short trip looking at all the sights.
On arrival we were guided down the stairs to enjoy Prosecco, the most delicious little cupcakes and the company of some lovely bloggers.  I took advantage of the flowing drinks and cupcakes and even had a little game of ping pong with Ben, one of the She Said Beauty team.

Four amazing brands were also there for us to explore and enjoy their products.  Millie Mackintosh Lashes, HD Brows, Illamasqua and Filthy Gorgeous Nails.  This was a fantastic opportunity to try out new products and ways to use them.  

I visited the lovely team at Illamasqua first as I seen they were doing the speckled eye looks, this look is something I have been desperate to try out but not confident enough with my own make up skills, after about 2 minutes in the chair I had the amazing look!  Everyone who had the speckled eyeliner look applied looked gorgeous!  Below Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady and Georgina from Make Up Pixie and myself enjoy the Illamasqua treatment

Illamasqua Specked Liner

I had some Millie Mackintosh Lashes applied, which was the quickest and easiest application of false lashes EVER, thanks to Steve. These have really impressed me, Im awful at applying false lashes but love the effect these give and I had mine on for about six hours before I took them off and there were no signs of lifting at the corners.  I chose the style 'Shoreditch' as they were very full and thick, each little set come with tweezers and glue. Below Ellie from Ellie's Ramblings and myself with our Mills Mackintosh Lashes.

Millie Mackintosh Lashes

The last, but certainly not least, treatment that I enjoyed was a little brow filling in from the lovely Kristina at Hd Brows.  My brows are my least favourite part of my make up application and i dread it everyday.  this lovely lady has restored my confidence with a new way of filling in my brows and also convinced me to go for the full HD Brows treatment as all of the tiny hairs that I normally hate could actually be tinted and help me achieve a fuller looking brow, thank you so much Kristina for the guidance as Im booked in for next month and I cannot wait.  Below here I am with my newly filled in HD Brows.

HD Brows Palette been used foxy

After being beautified I enjoyed chatting to everyone and even listening to a cheeky bit of One Direction!

On leaving we were all provided with lovely goodie bags, I was really happy with the products included and cannot wait to start trying them out.  I was really excited to see the Illamasqua eyeliner pens included so I can complete the speckled eye look alone.  The Millie Mackintosh Lashes are just amazing so Ill be keeping these for a special occassion.  I already own one of the HD Brows palettes in the shade 'vamp' which is slightly to dark for me, so to receive this palette which is the correct shade for me was excellent!  

I have never had a BirchBox so was glad to have one included so I would know what to expect if I ever subscribed to them.  

She said beauty goodie bagBirchbox April 2013
 Thank you very much to the amazing Sophia for inviting me and She Said Beauty for putting on this enjoyable event for all of us.

Lots of Love


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