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Hi everyone! 
 This was due to be the last in the series as this was my ultimate favourite primer but I have recently started using a new primer and its looking really promising as to becoming my new favourite so there will be one more review in this Battle of the Primers series, once I have used it enough to give an honest review.
Today I bring to you the best primer I have used so far,
Revlon Photoready Perfecting  Primer
Im such a naughty blogger and didnt photograph while it was still full, oops
I only got my hands on this earlier in the year when I purchased it in a blogsale. I only payed £3 and it had only been used a couple of times, I was delighted as it retails at around £12 in Boots and Superdrug. I was only just getting into primers then so I wouldnt have payed over £10, now I use a primer every single day and would happily spend money on a primer that was proved to work well.
The packaging for this product is a bit blah, its nothing exciting but is consistant with the rest of the Photoready range from Revlon.  It is simple which I like, the transparent bottle allows you to see the true colour and when you need to replace, its very much you get what you see.  It is fitted with a pump, this pump is fantastic it has a thin nossle allowing just enough product out at a time. Normally I am not a massive fan of pumps as I think they can restrict you from getting every last drop of product, this is not the case here as the pump is easily removed and you can get every last drop out. 
The primer is an off white pink colour which when applied to the skin is not seen.  I only have to use two pumps of this product as a little goes far.  It has no strong scent which I like as I a not a fan of strongly scented make up base products.
 I love the feeling off this on my skin, blurs imperfections in my skintone and has slight pore minimising effects.  I can apply my foundation directly after applying this primer as it immediatly settles into the skin.  My make up sits so nicely when I use this primer, compared to the other primers I have reviewed within this series none of them give me the amazing flawless finish I can achieve with this one.
Having an oily t-zone the two things I look for in a primer are, to make my make up stay put all day and to reduce the middle of the day oily nose situation.  This primer does both.  I have put this on at 5am and worked a twelve hour shift at work and my make up is still firmly put when I get home, now thats what I need from a primer.
As I said at the beginning of the post I am using a different primer at the moment, so far it is working really well for my skin but I can see myself repurchasing my Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer in the future, It does exactly what I want it to do and this 30ml bottle lasts around five months making it extremely good value.
Lots of Love

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