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Using a primer is something I have only started doing this year, and there is not doubt that with my oily skin they provide a perfect base for applying my make-up and keep it in place all day long.
Since I have been using them I have tryed out a number of different primers from different brands  with different price ranges.  From trying these I have now found my favourite primer ever.
This will be a series of four reviews and a final comparison post.
The first primer I ever tryed was MUA's Primer, I bought it when I first came across the brand early this year.  I had read on twitter that few girls had tryed it and it worked well so thought I would give it a go. 
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The packaging is nice, I prefer simple packaging on make up and this glossy squeezable tube is great.  Being a squeezy tube also means you can get every single last drop out.  One thing about the packaging that caused a wee bit of a mess was, the top with the little hole where they product comes out popped out the first time I used it, so I ended up with product all over me and the floor.  I didnt let this deter me and just learned that I had to squeeze gently when I used it.
The primer itself is runny in comparison to other ones I have used which meant you only need a small amount each time. I applied with my fingers as I found with this primer it was the best way to apply.  It smells fresh with a slight scent of cucumber which is refreshing to apply.  The liquid is white but once on the skin is transparent so does not compromise your finished look.
I applied the primer after allowing my moisturiser to settle and once applied it took a few moments to dry.  I then apply my make up as normal.  This tended to keep my oily skin at bay for around 2 hours before I needed to touch up with a powder to minimise shine on my t-zone.
All in all this primer does what it should and keeps your make up in place, just not for as long as I would like.  I think this primer would work better with dry skin types as with my oily skin it just doesnt give me the flawless matte finish for long enough.
This was a great primer to try as my first one as it set the bar of what I expected from a primer and helped me realise what Id like from the next one , which helped a lot when I was looking for a new one as unfortunately I didnt repurchase this one.
Did Mua's Primer work well with your skin, Id love to know.
Lots of Love

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