My MAC Make Up Application

5:29:00 pm

Having my make up done at a counter is something I have always wanted to do but never had the time for a full face application just colour matching really, so coming up to my birthday it was a fantasic opertunity to set aside the time. 
Adam decided he would pay for this as a present so that was lovely and the perfect present for me. To book it was £30 which is an hour time slot and redeemable on products after your application which I feel is completely reasonable as I was going to spend at least that amount on products.
When I arrived at the Mac counter I let one of the girls know I had an appointment and she passed me on to another girl who seated me infront of the mirror.  This when the horror began.  To cut a long story short she decided which products she was using, didnt explain anything about why she had chosen certain shades and colours, did not at any point ask what skin type I am basically did not speak through the whole thing, she made me feel so akward and intimidated and at times I didnt even want to speak. I just wanted to get up and walk away.  When she eventually finished after only 40 minutes she spoke for the first time, only to tell me her next appointment was here early and she was finished.  No list of products she had used, no assistance in finding the products I wanted to purchase, thank goodness their was a lovely girl to help me choose the shade of foundation I needed as the girl who applied it ''forgot'' which shade she used.
Once I bought my products I wanted I left feeling totally dissapointed. 
I love the Mac products I have tryed and will continue to buy them but definately not from that counter.  What I cant quite get my head around is, this girl has my dream job and really could not be bothered at all or act more unenthusiastic.
The worst bit about this was I looked rediculous and took no make up with me to remove and reapply myself so I had to walk about looking like a drag queen all day, okay I may be being dramatic but I was just so dissapointed.  All in all the base okay but not blended properly under my nose or along the jawline.  My eyes were rediculous colour wise and quality although I did like the eyeliner she used it was like a dark brown with gold shimmer, any ideas what it was?  My lips had been lined to big, and looked like big huge fish lips  the colour was nice I think it was Diva, after doing some swatching afterwards.


How do you find Make Up Counters? Had any good or bad experiences let me know in the comments below please, put my mind at rest that not every counter is the same.
Sorry for this being a bit if a rant but when you look forward to something so much and for it to be such a dissapoinment is dissheartening, so I hope you can understand why I have written this post.  I would reccomend Mac products to the world, I just dont rate the service I recieved.

Since having this terrible experience I contacted Mac Customer services and the service I have recieved from them has been a delight.  They were genuinly concerned that I was so dissapointed and investigated my complaint fully.  After a few short emails and a phonecall I have been refunded the price of the products I bought on the day which adds up to £59.00 and a complimentary make up lesson at the same counter, so this is a very satisfactory level of compensation shame it will never change my opinion of the counter.
Lots of Love

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