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It was just a normal day walking to work, minding my own business that was until I recieved an email from Toxic Fox!  This is when I became part of the aBella family, my family will no doubt continue to grow.
What is a Claireabella

I first heard about Claireabella when I joined twitter and soon became obsessed by these personalised Jute bags that were hand painted and designed by Claire herself and sold via her website, Claireabella Designs, the business was then single handedly run by Claire and her Husband Jon. That was until the bags were seen on the TV Show The Only Way is Essex and in turn the national news papers.  Cue crazy ammounts of orders,  thats when the amazing announcement was made, that she has teamed up with the online retailer Toxic Fox and a partnership was born. The business has continued to expand since the partnership with the Toxic Fox office having to find new premises to have room for the demand of Claireabella's and Claire building an extension onto her home to accomodate her bags.
Since then Claireabella has Launched in the US, released a televison advert, added over fifteen new products to the range with the help of Toxic Fox and graced the catwalk at Essex Fashion Week and Marbella Fashion Week.  Claire Barratt is an inspiration to everyone, starting out with not enough money to replace the paint she used for her first bag to being the founder of an international must have fashion piece.
My Special Package
Toxic Fox were going to send little old me one,  my most lusted after item of 2012 a Claireabella bag!  Excited was an understatement and thankfully I only had to wait 10 days for the little pink package to arrive at my door.

When I opened the package I was delighted it was the Polo Jute Bag. It is a perfect size to fit all of your everyday essentials in, it is the smallest size in the Claireabella Range and my favourite as I feel that sometimes the Medium and Large bags that are also available,  are left looking empty after all the things I need to carry around are in there. 
I would be lying if I said I wasnt dissapointed that she was blonde because I was but only slightly because this will be a fabulous gift for one of my friends with blonde hair.  The detail on this bag is excellent, the little bows, the huge amounts of glitter and the little crystals to make her eyes sparkle just add to the already wonderful painting of this little aBella. I love the tag on the bottom making sure everyone knows it is a genuine Claireabella, its little finishing touches like this that ooze quality.

Claireabella Classics and Claireabella Originals
Whats the Difference?
Claireabella Originals are available only from the Clairebella Designs website.  They are handpainted by Claire herself and can be completely customised to your preference.  As you can imagine she is an extremely busy lady so these are out of stock at the moment and only released every so often and sell out within the matter of minutes.  The day these go on sale is always released on the official Claireabella Facebook Page and Twitter but never a time so that everyone has an equal chance to purchase one. A batch of these went on sale today and sold out within five seconds, unfortunately I didn't get one but,  I will be stalking the twitter page and facebook until I get my hands on one of these original bags I need one in my life, as there will be another batch of originals before Christmas.
Claireabella Classic's are available exclusively from the Toxic Fox Website where you can choose  hair colour and style, eyes, outfit, skintone and wording. The Claireabella Classic bags are  painted by qualified artists, that are trained to Claire's style. The ClaireaBella Classic range has enabled these designs to be  available to more customers who were unable to access a ClaireaBella Bag although they followed on Twitter and regularly checked my website.  This has taken a massive pressure off Claire as she was struggling to manage the thousands of orders coming in.
The Range of Claireabella at Toxic Fox

So the Claireabella range all started with jute bags so as well as 3 different sizes of jute bags, now you can have your own aBella on almost anything. Hoodies, t-shirts, lunchboxes (perfect for storing make up!!), mugs, candles, phonecases, canvas bags, calenders, notebooks, diaries and cards.  There is something everyone would love, I know I personally want one of everything. Throughout the year some limited addition aBellas are also available, this year we seen bags for the following special occasions the Valentines, Mother's Day, Easter Chick, Jubilee, Olympic, Bikini, Marbella, New York Fashion Week and most recently the Breast Cancer Awareness designs, these are available exclusively at ToxicFox

Celebrity Following
By the end of May 2011 all the Towie cast had there very own Claireabella Original, now nearly every celebrity you see owns of one of these bags from including stars of Coronation Street, Made in Chelsea, Eastenders, Geordie Shore, X Factor wanabees and winners.  Celebs from all walks of life, all cottoned onto the bags, loved and wanted them.  One of my favourite celebrities Miss Amy Childs is one lady who carries one of her collection of Claireabella Bags everywhere, and I cannot resist adding a picture of amy and her boyfriend...he is just devine:)

Social Networking
Twitter has been a massive part of the success of Claireabella, Claire only opened the twitter account to showcase her designs to the world and at the time was the original and only seller of this style of handpainted jute bags, with over 40,000 followers in just 18 months true to say more than a few have seen her designs.  Claire is also extremely generous to her followers running competitions regularly to win Claireabella products.  Also information regarding original bags is always released on twitter before anywhere else.  Toxic Fox are always tweeting about Claireabella and are the next in line to tweet about any special offers or limited edition products after Claire herself.  Claire's husband and operations director of the company is also on twitter.
Follow @ClaireabellaLtd on twitter
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Facebook is another way to keep in the know about everything Claireabella with pictures of new designs and competitions being a regular feature as well as any information regarding original bags.
Like Claireabella Designs on Facebook
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All in all I love the Claireabella Range, I love being part of the Claireabella family and cannot wait to get my hands on one of the original bags.  More than anything I love the story behind the success from just a normal lady from hull trying to earn a bit of extra cash for her family to becoming one of the best known 'bag ladies' in the world. 
I really hope you have enjoyed reading this post as I have really enjoyed writting it for you!
Lots of Love

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