Collection (2000) Volume Sensation Lipstick 'Pretty Please' and Cream Puff No 2

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On this dull rainy day (where I am) I bring to you two lip products Im sure will brighten up your day!
These both come from Collection, previously Collection 2000. 
L-R Volume Sensation Lipstick 'Pretty Please' and Cream Puff No 2
I purchased both of these a while ago when there was a 2 Collection products for £4 offer in Superdrug so without a doubt I was going to purchase at least two things.
'Pretty Please'
 I had wanted a coral lipstick for ages and as soon as I swatched this I loved it.  The pinky coral shade with a lovely sheen was exactly what I was looking for.  The packaging is a bit cheap looking with it being bright pink and shiny, I prefer minimalistic packaging for my make up similar to Mac and Elf.  I love the name 'pretty please', in my opinion it is a politely coral lipstick with pink undertones so the name suits it perfectly.  There is no destinctive scent from this lipstick, but after having a good sniff the scent reminds me of the kind of lipsticks you get in sets as a child which are normally do not have the best colur pay off this is definately not the case with this little lippy. I wore this so much in late summer and without using a lip primer I got a good 3 hours wear out of this before any kind of touch up was required.  It is lovely to wear making my lips feel smooth and nourished which I love from a lipstick, drying lipsticks are awful.
This was definately one of my summer staples for my lips and will be finding any opertunity to wear it this autumn.
Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream No 2
I love a nude lip mostly for those days when Im sporting the natural look or when Iv created a dramatic eye look and using colour would take away from my eyes.  I had seen these Cream Puffs raved and ranted about on the blogosphere and purely for this reason I purchased this nude colour No2, firstly I am dissapointed it has no name, I like my make up products to have cute little names, but for the price you cant expect the world.  The packaging is right up my street with the name creatively displayed on the tube which is a colour meant to mirror the lip cream and a matte black lid.  I love the smell of this so sweet and yummy with a slight caramel note. When using the doe foot applicator to sweep accross my lips it feels like liquid silk, it really is very smooth but as it drys a matte finish this feeling does not last.  The colour is very long lasting and lasting nearly 3 and a half hours without a touch up.  Unfortunately it can be slightly drying to the lips which deafeats the purpose of it being a moisturising lip cream,  just add a lipbalm afterwards to restore the moisture.  I can wear this throughout the year with any outfit matte or glossy by applying my favourite clear gloss on top.
Do you have any suggestions of what colours you would like to see on this post next week?
Lots of Love

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