Olympic Caviar Toes

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Now we have done very well in the Olympics, better than I expected to be honest.  I was never really interested in any other olympics but as it was in London this year and we were doing well I have watched a few events, enjoying the male diving the best-purely based on technical ability of course(wink wink) nothing to do with the toned mexican and canadian men.

I ordered some mini beads from ebay a while ago and until now I have not used them so today I thought it was about time I experimented and got all patriotic at the same time.  I love the effect these micro beads give, so different yet so effective. I expected to be able to feel them everytime i put my shoes on but you cant at all, and if applied correctly this can last a good 7-10 days.

I used Barry M Nail paint in 'Matt White' as a base colour, Barry M 3 in 1 Base, top coat and nail strengthner.  I had a little heart egg cup to catch the loose beads and off course the micro beads.

How To
Step 1. Apply one coat on the Barry M 3 in 1
Step 2. Apply 1 coat of the Barry M matt white allowing it to dry completely
Step 3. Apply another coat of the Barry M matt white one toe at a time
Step 4. While the second coat is still tacky, place your desired toe over the egg cup, (or any container to catch falling micro beads) and carefully pour the beads directly only your toe.
Step 4. press the beads down ensuring they are completely stuck down.
Step 5. Complete steps 3 & 4 for each toe and allow to dry for 15 minutes.
Step 6. Finish with a coat of Barry M 3 in 1.

Do you like my attempt?

Lots of Love


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