Beauty - Sleep In Rollers Velcro Fringe Roller Review

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Oh My God, this is amazing girls

Sleep In Rollers Velcro Fringe Roller

Sleep In Rollers Velcro Fringe Roller Review

There is soo many looks that can be created with this jumbo sized wonder product from the makers of the must have hair product Sleep In Rollers
I use it to make my full fringe Big Bouncy and Beautiful, also to create high volume quiffs with no more back combing and also use it at the crown of my head to create lots of  high volume at the back.

The 2 amazing things about this roller are:
 It is double the size of a normal sleep roller,  so you do not get the split in the middle like when using normal rollers so its perfect.
It is heat activated so results can be achieved at short notice when using a hair dryer.
Investing in this fantastic purple goodness has prevented me from ever having a bad fringe day ever again, it just wouldn't be possible.  All I have to do now is wash and blow dry my hair. I just section out for drying, insert my Fringe roller,  dry the rest of my hair leaving my fringe until last blast it with the dryer while the roller is still in, remove the roller ,brush through and
Boom perfect fringe.

Here are my results!

Insert like this for a big bouncy fringe

Insert like this for High Volume quiffs

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