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It has became a habit of mine that every saturday I must go down my local highstreet and buy things purely for the sake of buying something new, and earning points on my boots and superdrug cards.  This is becoming more of an addiction but hey at least its a healthy one:) I never need anything in perticular but what if theres a special offer somewhere and I missed it...the devastation.

Here is what my addiction made me buy this week.

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This rose and yellow gold Costume jewellery is something very different for me.  The rings and earrings are from New Look, they had a buy one get one free offer on all jewellery I made the most of it:)  The necklace is Freedom at Topshop this was just too cute and such a bargain for £2.50. I love the little studs as they made me feel like I was getting involved with the royal festivaties as they resemble the shape of Kate Middleton's engagement ring. I put them on as soon as I left the shop, couldnt wait the 10 minutes to get home, patience of a saint obviously.

Beauty, Fashion, Haul, New Look Jewellery, Freedom at Topshop, Revlon Lip Butter, Miss Selfridge, Blogger HAUL

I have seen so many great reviews on the new Revlon Lip Butter I just needed to try it out for myself, with so many great shades it was soo hard to choose just one, but as soon as I seen Peach Parfait my decision was made.  I got mine from Superdrug for £7.99 and on Saturday if you spent over £10 you could earn an extra 100 points for your beauty card, so I picked up a couple of Impulse body sprays to make sure I got my 100 points. I just love the pink diamond cover:)

I think I have saved the best until last.  Normally I am a strictly leggings only girl but as its coming into summer (even though the weather is pants) Iv been contemplating a skirt.  When I seen this beauty in the sale rack at Miss Selfridge it was exactly the kind of skirt I could try, just to build my skirt confidence.  I loved the pleating and the creamy/nude colour as it will go with all the trends of the moment from aztec prints to more muted pastels.  It was only £10 which was a nice wee surprise when I got to the till as the label had £20 on it..bargain city!!  I will now call this my Fearne Cotton skirt coz I can imagine her wearing something like this.

I hope you'll agree I have definately grabbed a few bargains this weekend!

Which is your favourite?

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