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I decided to treat myself  to some Estee Lauder Double Wear.
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 I have always struggled to find a liquid foundation that suits my skintone, lasts all day and keeps the matt effect I like.  My friend at work told me about this foundation and urged me to purchase it as its a must have in her make up bag.

I went to my local Debenhams, and as soon as I approached the Estee Lauder  make up counter the make up artist said to me,
'Are you here for Double Wear', indeed I was so I took a seat.  She dissapeared for a moment only to return with my exact shade! She hadn't even touched my face, removed my current make up but yet she knew exactly which shade I was. 
I was impressed by that, then she began to apply the foundation to one half of my face with a foundation brush.  When she had finished the one side I looked in the mirror and Oh My Gosh it was immaculate compared to the other side!  She completed my make up so I didnt look silly walking around with each side of my face different shades.

The fantastic oil free liquid has an SPF rating of 10 which is soemthing I look for in a foundation because I like to protect my skin from UV rays but anything higher than SPF 10 causes your face to be whiter than your body in photographs(there is nothing worse).

I purchased the 30ml Bottle in Shade 02 Pale Almond for £26.50, this is a lot more than I would normally pay for a foundation but the results were the best I had ever seen.  Just a tiny blob applied with a brush WILL last 15 hours even in high humidity, it doesn't smudge or come off on clothes.  Just be careful pouring it out as the bottle does not have a pump.

This is all you need:)

I love how natural it looks, and doesn't leave your face feeling caked.  I used to use a pressed powder on top of my foundation but with this I no longer need to do so as it stays perfect.

Does anyone use Double Wear let me know your thoughts:)

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