Fashion - Festival Fashion Over the Years*

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Festival Fashion Timeline by New Look

This summer I will be attending my first ever festival, with just over three weeks until Wireless Festival I am in the process of choosing my outfits and have been having a little look at festival fashion over the years to get some inspiration.

Depending on what type of festival it is you are attending the fashion can be slightly different, New Look have put together this really interesting Festival Fashion Timeline which you can see above, it shows so many different styles within the 'festival fashion' genre.  It was so interesting to see how the festival trend has stayed similar over the decades but still with the same inspiration behind all the outfits.

I have been looking at denim shorts, midi skirts, printed joggers, fringing, floral prints, neon and tribal prints the most but there is so many different options making the final choice is proving to be really difficult.  I am excited to see how the outfits come together, of course I will be sharing them with you so keep an eye out for them!

What key festival trends do you think I couldn't ignore?

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