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10:26:00 pm

Today is a very special day, on this day two years ago, Button's Blog was created.  Starting as a hobby that I would do in my spare time, it has now become a massive part of my life.

Since the beginning there has been so many changes, developments and improvements in many different areas of this blog including the design and layout, content and photography.  These will continue to change and grow as I will myself but the one thing that will never change is the name, Button's Blog.

I love the name of my blog, the content could change everyday but the name is diverse enough to still be appropriate.  I get asked all the time why I chose the name Button's Blog and to be completely honest it happened by accident and it just stuck.  I had already written about five posts before I decided to put my blog live, but I couldn't do that without a name and I couldn't come up with anything unique or fitting.  I used to have a lot of these Elliot and Buttons soft toys, the elephant was called Elliot and the little mouse, Buttons.  I had a Buttons Mouse key ring and my keys were sitting beside me as I was trying to come up with a name and I said out loud 'what about Button's Blog' and that was it!

 A dusty attic cold and bare, Except for dear old Elliot there, until the happy moment when, Buttons kissed his cheek and then, from that day the two have been, the closest friends you've ever seen!'

Inside the card that comes with every single Elliot and Button's soft toy there is the message above, every time I read it I can't help but smile.  In case you didn't know, Elephants are terrified of mice but Elliot and Buttons became best of friends. This gives the message that even the most unexpected people can become friends, this blog has introduced me to some of the most interesting and amazing people I have ever met who I am lucky enough to call my friends, this is my favourite thing about blogging, bringing amazing people into my life, who without this blog would never have crossed my path.

I thank every single person who reads my blog all the time or those who just drop in occasionally for giving me a reason to keep writing especially when it feels like life is taking over.  I love my little space on the internet and to know even a few people like reading what I have to say makes me smile every single day!

Thank you!

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