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In the summer I always invest in a trustworthy pair of flip flops to get my feet through the hot summer days and show of my pedicure.  This year I still got the flip flops and numerous pedicures minus the hot summer days. 
 These are not the usual plain comfortable choice I normally go for,these are the most glamorous flip flops my feet have ever had the privilege of wearing.  So I have to thank my lucky stars that the lovely Danielle of Sophie Mais picked me as the lucky winner of these beauties.

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Just because she's a darling this little swarovski lighter was a beautiful extra:)
Every single swarovski crystal was hand placed by Danielle making me all the more grateful everytime I wear these because I know all the hard work and time they have needed.  I love how much these sparkle in the sun the just add instant glamour to any outfit I throw on and make me feel like a modern day Cinderella and like I'm walking on air, they are so comfortable.
The pictures  really speak for themselves words can't give them the justice they deserve so enough of me telling you how amazing they are I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

These are priced at £55 which if I'm being truthful is out of my price range for a pair of flip flops but since wearing these the quality is clear, I wear these most days around the house and when I'm nipping to the shop and all the crystals are still firmly in place. Experiencing this quality  I would purchase again, instead of going for a cheaper alternative.  I have had different crystallised items that were considerably cheaper and the crystals are not nearly as sparkly and tend to be loose and do not last long.  I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for.
These are available in a number of colours including brown, pink and a different white style.

Have you ever worn Havaianas, do you feel the difference?

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